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AudioTour 49 Techhouse/Trance Mix


Mix Description

Many beautiful tracks ! Deephouse/Techhouse lovers, check out the first half of the mix. Second half contains lots of great Trance tracks, among them one of the best vocal parts I ever heard.


Kaban – Million Miles (Original Mix)
WhoMadeWho/ – Heads Above (Robag Wruhme remix) (Remix)
Matias Sandrini – Don’t Look Back (Original Mix)
Ivan Stabile – 1991 (Original Mix)
Junge & Maedchen – Nutopia (Original Mix)
DJ Simi, Marcus Raute – Appleboom (Plastic Deep Mix)
Alfred R_ – Warm Memories (Original Mix)
Astrid Suryanto, J. Axel –  Start Receiving (Keep Receiving Remix)
Gunnar Stiller – Closer (Nikola Gala Remix)
Deepbass – Dune (Original Mix)
Subsphere – Fragrance
Alex M.O.R.P.H., Hannah – When I Close My Eyes (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Vocal Club Mix)
Solarstone – 4Ever (Pure Retouch)
Feel, Aelyn/Suanda – If You Feel Love (Cold Rush Dub Mix)
Lost World – A Life Elsewhere (Kimoto Lopez Remix)
Mana, Christish – Kimochi (Simon O’Shine Remix)
Ahmed Romel – Saudade (Original Mix)
Anthya, Solis & Sean Truby – Timeless (Ultimate Remix)
Victor Lyalchuk – The Dream Of Life (Original Mix)
Vincent De Moor – Fly Away (The Thrillseekers Remix)
Syntouch – Into The Sky (Original Mix)

AudioTour 48 Techhouse / Trance Mix

Mix Description

This DJ mix is very powerful, especially in the first half of the mix. It benefits from two things: high quality of the songs, and massive usage of remix deck extensions. The remix parts deliver additional power to the individual songs. The flexbility is fantastic: a song uses some weak bass drum ? Just add a remix bass drum part. It is missing a bass line or some percussions? No problem, simply add some suitable parts.

It is so much fun mixing with these Native Instruments Kontrol S8 remix decks ! And improves the mixing quality tremendously.

Playlist (recommendations as always in bold)

Paul Kalkbrenner – Aaron – Paul Kalkbrenner Musik
Jonas Woehl – Instincts (Original Mix) – Poesie Musik
Alberto Iglesias – Sin Fin (Original Mix) – Rene Records
Pav Parrotte – Don’t Dare! (Original Mix) – Tronic Soundz
J. Axel – Like A Shadow (Original Mix) – Plastic City
Koloniari – Rebel (Metamann Dub Mix) – Irpish Records
Simone Vitullo, ReLight Orchestra – Goodnight Moon (Simone Vitullo Deeper Dub Remix) – Go Deeva Records
Alberto Iglesias – Statico (Original Mix) – Scutum Records
Audion, Troels Abrahamsen – Dem Howl Feat. Troels Abrahamsen (Joris Voorn Mix) – Kompakt
Michel De Hey – Whitebird (Digital Only) – Tronic Soundz
Tom Hades – Sound Flares (Original Mix) – MB Elektroniks
Sebastian Brandt – Serenade (Original Mix) – Armada Music Bundles
Karanda – Grumpy But Gorgeous (Original Mix) – Lyon Echo Records
Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun (Paul Webster Remix) – Perfecto Fluoro
Dash Berlin, Roxanne Emery – Shelter feat. Roxanne Emery (Photographer Remix) – Armind
Tarmo Tammel – Sunday (Kaimo K Remix) – Club Educate
Midway – Cobra (Original Mix) – In Trance We Trust
Sebastian Brandt – 450 (Original Mix) – A State Of Trance
Talla 2xlc, The Thrillseekers – Fracture (Sebastian Brandt Remix) – Tetsuo
Ultimate – Wonderland (Original Mix) – Infrasonic Recordings
Allan McLoud – Sound Is Sexy (Original Mix) – NoYu Records

My DJ Equipment History

In this article I will explain with which equipment I have done my mixes in the last years, and what was the reason for change.

DJ Equiment History

Year 2000 – January 2012 (until AudioTour 05):

Pioneer DJM 500 Mixer, 2 x Technics 1210 Turntables
Recording until 2010 with Archos portable device (Mixer Line Out), after 2010 with Logic 9.1 (Mixer Line Out into Audiofire2 Audio-Interface)

January 2012 – November 2013 (AudioTour 06 until AudioTour 28):

Pioneer DJM 500 Mixer, 2 x Pioneer CDJ 850-K
Recording into Logic 9.1, Audio-Interface Echo AudioFire 2

December 2013 – December 2014 (AudioTour 29 until AudioTour 44):

Pioneer XDJ Aero
Recording directly within Aero onto USB-Stick

Since January 2015 (since AudioTour 45):

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S8
Recording in Traktor

Reasons for change

2012: After many years with vinyl based setup, I switched to the digital world (MP3) for many reasons: less physical room needed, cheaper songs, easier organization. The CDJ 850-K are great quality, however I do not need the CD-functionality at all (because use them only at home), and the handling with digital files is a bit impractical (need to write the playlist songs onto 2 USB-Sticks, then load the Sticks within the CDJ’s).

2013: So some time later, I changed to the XDJ Aero. With this device, I have direct (WLAN) access to Rekordbox songs on the computer, perfect. Also it can record directly within the device (USB-Stick). Altogether I could replace 4 devices (DJM, 2 CDJ, Audio Interface) by 1. This simplifies the setup architecture and also requires much less physical room.

However, the jog wheel quality of the CDJ’s is definitely better than that of the XDJ Aero. Those of the Aero are not so fine grained , it is difficult to perform minimals adaptions. But altogether, the advantages are bigger than the disadvantages.

2015: I have been thinking for years to move to Traktor-based setups, but was not satisfied with the controllers which were on the market. That changed when the Native Instrument Traktor Kontrol S8 was released. I have to state this is a fantastic tool. With its integrated remix decks, it opens new possibilites for DJ mixing, within one device ! I will write more on  the S8 in a future article. Summarized, with this device you are not limited to classic DJ mixing anymore, but can easily add some individual instruments (remix samples) to existing songs, or even build own tracks with these remix samples. When you checkout my latest mixes since AudioTour 45 , you will notice a considerable quality improvement compared to the older mixes. The reason is the switch to S8.


Current setup:


Native Instrument Kontrol S8

Older setups:

Pioeneer XDJ Aero

Pioeneer XDJ Aero

Technics, CDJ's plus DJM 500

Technics, CDJ’s plus DJM 500

The benefit of Beatport Pro DJ application

Today I like to share some experience regarding the use of track download portals or applications for DJ’s, especially regarding the Beatport Pro Application for Mac OS X.

When I started with digital DJing in 2011, the Beatport website for me was a no-go: slow, bad organized, only 2 minutes track preview. For me, it was simply unusable regarding pre-listening a large amount of new tracks. At that time, offered full track preview functionality (not only fixed 2 minutes). And had a website which was well usable. Only disadvantage was that not all tracks were available there (contrary to Beatport). So I used as my main download portal for the following 2 years.

But in mid 2013, DJTunes changed their preview policy and now also allowed only 2 minutes per track. This was the reason why I left them. There is one other portal with full-length preview, However, this portal has very annoying flashy advertisements. Nevertheless, I stayed there for some time, because lack of alternatives.

Beatport Pro for Mac OS X

Then in April 2014, Beatport made a tremendous step forward: it released the Beatport Pro Application for Mac OS X, which is clearly focused on professional DJ’s: very fast, easy to use regarding bulk listening of many tracks, individual filters, and remembers which songs have been listened already. I have been using this application since the first release and I do not need any other DJ portal anymore (also not the Beatport website, which still is not much better than years before). It saves so much time and has very nice functions for organizing searches and favorites, and linking elements. This helps me detecting beautiful songs, which I would not have found with any website.

The only annoying disadvantage is the high amount of track duplicates (because of different labels releasing the same songs), but that is a problem of Beatport itself, not of the Mac OS X application. I hope they will be offering a duplicates filter in the application in future, that would improve its value even more

=> strong recommendation for this great Beatport Pro application (if you have a Mac) !

Here is a screenshot, which gives some insight (the green circles indicate that you listened to these songs already. At the top, you see a list of individual filters. The song lists are easily browsable with keyboard shortcuts, and they react very fast):

Beatport Pro

There are also functions for organizing the already downloaded tracks (playlists and so on), but I dont use that. I copy all downloads to my iTunes application and organize the playlists there. But this is stuff for another article…

AudioTour 47 Techhouse / Trance Mix

AudioTour 47 (2015-03-03) – Energy from Eternity by Klangträumer on

Mix Description

One of the mix highlights is this special version of “Love Stimulation”, which is enhanced by special delay and gater effects. Also, many remix deck components have been added to the mix.

Most of the Trance tracks have been enhanced by gater effects, which gives them even more energy.

Another beautiful mixing and performance experience with the Native Instruments Kontrol S8…


Steve Huerta – Say It Wasn’t (Original Mix)
Klangkarussell – Sonnentanz (Original Mix)
Jonas Woehl – Less Different (Original Mix)
16 Bit Lolitas – Deep In My Soul (Original Mix)
Plastikman – EXpand (Tale Of Us Remix)
Metodi Hristov, Spencer K – Basic Tricks (Original Mix)
Reggy Van Oers – Sinuosity (Ness Remix)
A++, Nonyas – Nebula (Original Mix)
Logistic, Alberto Iglesias – Logistic Multiverse (Original)
Kaehne – Remembering (Deep Cut Remix)
Paul Kalkbrenner – Das Gezabel
Scutum Man – Dark Hood (Alberto Iglesias Remix)
Humate – Love Stimulation (Glenn Morrison & Bruce Aisher Mix)
Karanda – Tonight (Original Mix)
Karanda – Infectious (Original Mix)
BotoxBrain, LushGirl – Missing You (Original Mix)
Existone – Wounded Soul
Armin van Buuren – Communication (Paul Oakenfold Full On Fluoro Mix)
Aurosonic, Katty Heath, Frainbreeze – All I Need (Suncatcher Dub)
Paul Oakenfold – Madagascar (Original Mix)
Moonsouls, Ultimate – Till The End Of Time (Original Mix)
James McGuire – The Proposition (Original Mix)

AudioTour 46 Techhouse / Trance Mix

Mix Description

Extra-long mix, many beautiful new and classic songs, enhanced with Traktor Kontrol S8 remix deck parts. Note especially the remix flavor used in “Southern Sun” (several additional instruments, especially improved bass/drum and more percussion). Also I am often using additional Delay and Gater effects. This is my most popular mix on so far…


Living Room – Ibiza Spirit (Original Mix) – Karma Pure
Jonas Woehl – Finding The Others (Original Mix) – Poesie Musik
Josh Rosenthal – Lower (Original Mix) – Moodytown
Alle Farben – She Moves (Far Away) feat. Graham Candy (Lexer Remix) – Synesthesia
Nature Of Music – Profound Satisfaction (Martin Roth Remix) – Sudbeat Music
Anja Schneider – Jimmy (Original Mix) – Mobilee Records
Tripio X – Come Closer (Paul Mad Remix) – Suruba X
Mario Piu – I Am Here (Doomwork Rmx) – Fahrenheit
Living Room – Ibiza Sun (Original Mix) – Good Mood Music
Phoebus, SeamLess Beat – What Lies Beneath (Billy Alex & Andrey Mikhailov Remix) – Abstract Space Records
Djeep Rhythms – Tocala Otra Vez Sam (Original Mix) – On Air
Akira Kayosa, Stine Grove, Hugh Tolland – Drifter (Karanda Remix) – Perceptive Recordings
Karanda – Cloud Nine (Original Mix) – Alter Ego Digital
Susana feat. Omnia & The Blizzard – Closer (Dub Mix) – S107 Recordings
Erick Strong, Eskova – Another Day Of Life (NoMosk Remix) – Melancholy Records
Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun (DJ Tiesto Mix) – Songbird
Ange, Roman Messer – Imagination (Original Mix) – Suanda Music
Cape Town – Pitstop (Original Mix) – Green Martian
LushGirl, BOSSTECK – Everything (Original Mix) – BotoxBrain Records
Etasonic – Sky Department (Original Mix) – AEZ Recordings
Moonsouls, Ultimate – Now In Heaven (Original Mix) – Infrasonic Recordings
Relaxea – Sunshine Delight (Original Mix) – Andorfine Records

AudioTour 45 Techhouse / Trance Mix

 Mix Description

Hypnotic mix, including many live remix deck components. This is my first mix with the Traktor Kontrol S8 mixing equipment. With this new device I could improve the quality of my mixes considerably. I will write on the detail benefits of this tool in a future article here. Summarized, since AudioTour 45 my publications are not only DJ mixes anymore. Many of the songs I have enhanced with additional instruments (sometimes percussion, bass, even vocals). The result are mix passages which have a unique remix flavor.


Florent Campana – Silver Haze (Original Mix) – Lemongrassmusic
Boris Backup – Introspector (Original Mix) – Lemongrassmusic
Klangtraeumer – Remix Deck Performance – Native Instruments
Vincenzo, Minako – Just Like Heaven feat. Minako (Dave DK Remix) – Anjunadeep
Biodub – Barracuda (Original Mix) – Time Tools Reordings
Flinsch – Those Where The Days (Original Mix) – BluFin
Extrawelt – Neuland (Robag Wruhme Rekksmow 001) – Darkroom Dubs
Roland Klinkenberg – Construct #1 (Original Mix) – Green
Flashers – No War (KruSound Remix) – Catslovebass
Gabriel Ananda, Maceo Plex – Solitary Daze (Original Mix)- Ellum
Nicola Brusegan – Mood (Original Mix) – Block Soul Tracks
Paul Kalkbrenner – Der Senat (12” Version) (Original Mix) – Bpitch Control
KopfHoerer – Transcendent Rebirth (Original Mix) – Time Tool Recordings
Klangtraeumer – Dream Experience 08 –
Alex Daf, Iversoon, Eskova – The Moonlight Shines (Quantum & Orbion Progressive Dub Mix) – Club Family Records
DJ Shog, Simon Binkenborn – I Finally Found feat. Simon Binkenborn (Martin Roth Remix) – High Contrast Recordings
Aurosonic, Neev Kennedy – Now I See (Club Mix) – Aurosonic Music
Simon O’Shine, Eskova – You May Love (Original Mix) – Suanda Music
Even11 – All Night Long (Original Mix) – Tribal Vision Records
LushGirl, BOSSTECK – In Your Heart (Original Mix) – BotoxBrain Records
Simon O’Shine, Sergey Nevone – In Spite Of Everything (Original Mix) – Defcon Recordings
Eco – American Blues (DJ Eco & Martin Roth Edit) – Armada Music Bundles
Alias, O.B.M Notion, Frank Dattilo – The Winter Breath (Club Mix) – Silent Shore Records

AudioTour 44 Techhouse / Trance Mix

Mix Description

Another very popular mix in Cool tech house / deep house groove in first half, then many beautiful trance tracks. Enjoy !

Playlist (special track recommendations in bold)

Minka – Little Cat (Original Mix) – Andorfine Records
Mark Oakland – Something Beautiful (Original Mix) – Lemongrassmusic
Nico Ferrero/ – Cafe De Paris (Original Mix) – Massive Harmony Records
Jesus Soblechero – No Lock (Adrianho Remix) – Natural Rhythm
Kiasmos – Bent (Original Mix) – Erased Tapes
Vijay – Lunar (Original Mix) – HiFi Stories
Re-UP – Our Touch (Original Mix) – Upon You Records
Plunk.ton – Was wir sind (Nico Pusch Remix) – Droomschipp
Dennis Yuli – Ishimura (Original Mix) – Yaiza Records
Him_Self_Her – Don’t Fail Me Now Feat. Calder (Dubspeeka Remix) – Suara
Joseph Mancino – Walk In The Woods (Original Mix) – Level One Records
Lutzenkirchen – Do You Really (Andrea Roma & Samm (UK)) – BluFin
Chicane, Bo Bruce – Still With Me feat. Bo Bruce (Andi Durrant Mix) – ARVA
V I F – Dissolve in U (Original) – Workout Music Service
Alpha Duo, Tiff Lacey – The One (Cold Rush Dub Mix) – Suanda Music
Furkan Senol – Ordinary Loves (Original Mix) – LW Recordings
Ben Gold, Christina Novelli – All Or Nothing feat. Christina Novelli (Original Mix) – Goldrush Recordings
Alex M.O.R.P.H., Natalie Gioia – The Reason feat. Natalie Gioia (Club Mix) – Armada Music Bundles
Feel, Aelyn – If You Feel Love (Feel Up Dub Mix) – Suanda Music
Alex Daf, Iversoon, Eskova – The Moonlight Shines (Quantum & Orbion Uplifting Mix) – Club Family Records
Zahir – We are Meant To Be (Original Mix) – AEZ Recordings
Addliss – Care For You (Original Mix) – Condura Recordings
Bluskay – Until I Find You (Original Mix) – AEZ Recordings
Eloquentia – Beyond The Sky (A & Z Remix) – Suanda Music
Smith Cruise – New Planet (Original Mix) – Andorfine Records

AudioTour 43 Techhouse / Trance Mix

Mix Description

This is  one of my most successful mixes (regarding listeners in Checkout especially the magical intro and outro tracks from Aurosonic !

Playlist (special track recommendations in bold)

Aurosonic, Neev Kennedy – Now I See (Chill Out Mix) – Aurosonic Music (Sir Adrian Music)
Enzo Siffredi – Iris Blonde (Original Mix) – Keno Records
Klangtraeumer – Dream Experience 06 –
Martin Roth – Epic Waves (Original Mix) – Armada Music Bundles
Deepend, Phable – Turn It Back feat. Phable (Original Mix) – ARVA
Davide Catania – Verano Amarillo (Original Mix) – Workout Music Service
Patrick Topping – Boxed Off (Original Mix) – Hot Creations
Mees Dierdorp – Talkin Bout (Original Mix) – Poesie Musik
Acud – Die Endlose (Mononoid Remix) – BluFin
Roland Klinkenberg – Nightfall (Cid Inc Remix) – Lowbit
A.L.C.A – Between Lines (Original Mix) – Doppelgaenger
Roland Klinkenberg – Mexico Can Wait (Original Mix) – Global Underground
Nathaniel DJ – Beautiful Forest (Berlin Edit) – Workout Music Service
Cason – Airwave 2K14 (Original Mix) – Workout Music Service
Martin Roth, Alex Bartlett – Off the World (Lange Remix) – VANDIt Records
Blank & Jones – Perfect Silence (Martin Roth St.Kilda 5pm Remix) – Soundcolours
Super8 & Tab – Suru (Martin Roth Nu-Style Remix) – Anjunabeats
Art Of Trance – Madagascar (Remastered Cygnus X Remix) – Platipus
Etasonic – Orphea (Original Mix) – Gent Trance Division
Aurosonic, Zirenz – You Fade Away (Pandora Remix) – NU Communicate Recordings
Alex M.O.R.P.H – Sunshine (Original Mix) – VANDIT Records
The Braverock – Mirage (The Braverock pres. Curiosity Remix) – Vectiva Evolutions
Freelancer, Perfect Vision – Star Way (Original Mix) – Silent Shore Records
Aurosonic, Katty Heath, Frainbreeze – All I Need (Chill Out Mix) – How Trance Works (Sir Adrian Music)

AudioTour 42 Techhouse / Trance Mix


Until AudioTour 41, I used the traditional CD length as rough anchor for the mix length, about 80 minutes. But it turned out that it is difficult to tell a “mixing story” within this short time, especially when several genres are covered (slower pace tech house / deep house, starting normally from around 120 BPM, and then merging into more trance style tracks, which advance up to 138 BPM). I decided to increase the mix length to about 2 hours. This gives better options to tell a smooth story. Check out the first result here :-)

Playlist (from now on will mark my special track recommendations here in bold)

O-Live – The Girl (Original Mix) – Electronical Reeds
Simplex Sensus – Airdrops (Original Mix) – Giverny Music
Amberstar – Just Like You (Jay Haze Remix) – BluFin
Martin Roth – Mel (Original Mix) – Anjunadeep
Ariane Blank – Don’t Mess With The Tooth Fairy (Marc Poppcke Remix) – House of House
Muetze.Glatze – Reitzeise (Original Mix) – SOSO
Rishi K. – Last Love (Original Mix) – Spring Tube AC
KlangTherapeuten – Perlentaucher (Melokind Remix) – Lochmann Records
DJ Hildegard – Footsteps In The Sand (Instrumental) – BluFin
Roland Klinkenberg – Yani (Original Mix) – Green
Mark BesterF – Graviton (Original Mix) – Alter Ego Progressive
Roland Klinkenberg, DJ Remy – Ignite (Original Mix) – ARVA
Lambda – Hold on tight (Poeppelbaum Remix) – ZYX Music
Solis & Sean Truby – All We Have (Original Mix) – Infrasonic Recordings
Jorn Van Deynhoven – Fastlane (Robert Nickson Remix) – Infrasonic Recordings
E-Craig vs Ratty – Call it a sunrise – Kontor Records
Ultimate – The Next Point (Original Mix) – ARVA
Cold RushB – Touchdown (Hoyaa Remix) – AEZ Recordings
A.R.D.I., Dennis Pedersen – Remember (Original Mix) – Always Alive Recordings