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Logic versus Maschine Studio

After using NI Maschine Studio for a while, I noticed that it has 2 disadvantages:

– not very efficient usage of CPU resources

– sequencer functionality is very limited

I got stuck with my Dream Experience 09 Track because of CPU performance limit reached on my (rather old) iMac. I then decided to buy LogicX and switch to Logic again (earlier I was using Logic 9 already).

I did not compare the performance directly, because I started another track (D.E. 10). However it seems Logic (9 and X) is using the CPU more efficient than NI Maschine Studio. I could complete my new track (which is using many AU instruments and effects) without CPU problems. Also LogicX did improve the MIDI editing features in the sequencer  (it was already good in Logic 9, but now in LogicX is it great to work with).

The disadvantage of the worse NI instruments integration in Logic can be solved quite easily by using the NI Komplete plugin temporarily for choosing a desired instrument. After the descision is done, I remove the NI Komplete plugin on the channel again, and load the chosen instrument directly.

Summarized: LogicX will be my sequencer platform, I can highly recommend it.